Has Your Old Heating System Given Up on You?

Call a trusted HVAC contractor for your new one in Chino Hills, CA

You definitely need a new heater if it stops working completely – but you should also hire Air Med Heating & Air Conditioning to replace your heating system if:

  • It’s more than 15 years old
  • It’s inefficient and causing high energy bills
  • It needs consistent repairs
  • It’s making rattling or banging noises
  • It turns off randomly

Our HVAC contractors will install a new heating system so you can keep your home or business warm during the winter.

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Don’t put your health at risk

Don’t put your health at risk

An old heater can also produce carbon monoxide if not replaced immediately. You need to call Air Med Heating & Air Conditioning right away if you notice:

  • Yellow furnace flames
  • Soot streaks
  • Extra moisture on your windows or walls
  • Rust on your flue pipes

If you discover any of these signs, vacate your property immediately and call your utility company to turn off the gas. Then, call us to install a new system to protect your family or employees.

Contact us immediately to install a new heating system in your Chino Hills, California home or business.